We Are The Difference



Ambitiouz Minds was organized and originated with a group of high school students that were having challenges with mathematics.   The ambition and determination that the students exibited led to the develpment of the program.  

Michelle Bailey the CEO and graduate of North Carolina Central University  has  owned and operated Infinity Bail Agency for 20 years.  She started the  Ambitiouz Minds Program in April of 2016.  Ms. Bailey has been in Financial services for over 25 years, she has developed many resources over the tenure of her career.   She is a Professional Insurance Agent and holds an array of licenses.  She is a very motivated and business oriented woman, her experience and work relationships has opened many doors in the community. Through the knowledge and resources in which have been developed over the  years, she plans to conduct and execute the success of the  Ambitouz Minds Academy and make a diffence in the community.

The original students which prompted the origination of the program are as follows.  

Stanton Bailey
Stanley Bailey II
Dasean Herndon
Cortez Watkins
Marcala McDaniel
Gladys McDaniel
Dedrick Daniels
Derrick Page
Malik Cauthen
Jaylan Reid
Jaden Perry
​Keith Carroll

Each person is responsible for what they do to help the program grow. Each one teach one.   Ambitiouz Minds Academy is willing to go  the  extra mile to help our community understand how to own and operate their businesses more effectively.  We believe in working together "teamwork makes the dream work".  The Ambitiouz Minds Academy team is growing  each day and we are excited about the changes our program will make for the future of our students and community leaders.  We care about our young men and women and  our community.  We want to see the number of small businesses grow and be in a position to provide jobs for other community members and students.

Self Discipline
Self Awareness
Community Awareness
Personal Development
Walk in your existence
Believe in yourself 
Focus Forward
S.M.A.R.T Goals
Never give up
Be inspring
Love yourself
Be Successful
​Self Motivation
Be Determined
Execute your dreams
​Think new Thoughts
Be Inspirational
​Be Intentional
Be Excellent
Choose your future
Failure is not an option
I can and I will succeed